So I just got PRICKLES !!!! she/he (it is too young to tell ) is only 12 weeks old today ! i  got her/him when it was 8 weeks old ! she( I am just going to call it a girl )  is sooo… tiny and very cute and is so curious I love her so much and she is a very good pet ! I highly recommend  a bearded dragon as a pet they are so easy to take care of once you have all the supplies for them ,otherwise it is like you always need something !!!



here is a pic of her/him :Snapshot_20140728_4

luke’s 15 th birthday


My brother is so awesome !! i could never ask GOD for a better BRO then LUKE ! Like twice  every day  LUKE takes me and my sister ( basically what I am trying to say is that my BRO    ROCK. Now why does my Brother ROCK well cuz one He is a Christian and he LOVES his family and serves very hard and cuz he is sooo… SWEET <3 and I love him soo… much ! 

Photo on 9-28-11 at 1.26 PM #3


This was us 4  years ago !!! i am the one in a choke hold ,luke is the one choking me (not really ,though ! ) and alexis is the one who is just smiling.


thistle is gone ;(

So on Monday Luke was outside and caught 2 lightning bugs ! And well he thought that he should feed them to thistle so he put  them in Thistle’s cage and then thistle ate  them ! It was sooooo…. cool but probably the biggest mistake I ever made !!!!!!!!!!!

The next day Alexis ( went up to feed her and noticed that her beard was BLACK (which means that she was mad )  Saddly I thought nothing about it ;(  then that night I went to the pet store to buy her some sand .

When I came we came home I ran up to my room and set down the sand and said ”Hey Thistle ! How you doing ? ” She she had her eyes half-open and half closed and that looked very wired . So I tapped the glass and she did not move I tapped it harder and she didn’t budge !! What was wrong ? I started crying immediately and was yelling ” THISTLE!  THISTLE !” she did not move I was sobbing like crazy ! I ran down stairs and said to my mom crying” Thistle wont wake up.” my mom hugged me then we all went up stairs to see . 

Yes , my dearest friend Thistle had died !!!!  lightning bugs are very  poisonous  ! Apparently if you feed your lizard 1 lighting bug it will die that hour ! thistle was very tough cuz she ate 2 and was alive a whole 24 hours !!  

bearded-dragonprickles 3prickles


The good news that is keeping me alive ,along with knowing that God will never die and will never leave us is that …I am going to buy a baby bearded dragon on Wednesday I will put out a picture of her as soon as I  can . her name will be Prickles ! 

p.s. those pictures of the baby bearded dragons are not mine , but i will soon put a picture out of PRICKLES !!!

Kid History /Snippets

 OK,  so these are really funny videos/stories that kids made up and the parents are acting out you got to check them out !! :D I hope you enjoy them !



Alaynah Raymond 

Paint In a Bag

So this week at our church was VBS ! I am serving in the nusery . The leader in the nursery brought out theese paint bags that where really cool ! So I thought I would share with you how cool they are !

So what are theese “paint in a bag ” things ?

Well, they are ZIP LOCK BAGS , PAINT,and TAPE

here is what you do :

  1. placy 2-3 colors of Crayola paint into a ZIP LOCK BAG (preferably quart size )
  2. place Packing tape on all four sides.  ( you could do this step twice so it is extra secure ) Make sure all air is out of bag !

3.then squish and have fun!

this is a really good idea to keep kids quite durring church or any other quite event !  I hope you do this and that it is usefull !! colersZiploc_Slider_Storage_Qttape

paint 3paint 2


piano guys

okay , so I think I have already told you guys about these awesome musicians who are really talented !! Here are some of their videos  -



Hope you enjoyed them and be sure to subscribe !

crape recipe hmmmmm…

this is the crape recipe :

2 eggs

1 cup of milk

2/3 of a cup of flower

1 pinch of salt

1 and 1/2 a teaspoon of  oil (or butter )




  1. In a blender combine eggs, milk, flour, salt and oil. Process until smooth. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour
  2. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and brush with oil. Pour 1/4 cup of crepe batter into pan, tilting to completely coat the surface of the pan. Cook 2 to 5 minutes, turning once, until golden. Repeat with remaining batter. Make sure they are not to thick. 

click here  to learn how to pour the crape on pan correctly .




this is the filling recipe that is awesome !


I got this AMAZING !!!  recipe from –


crazy storm !!

Ok ,  so last night there was the crazyest storm ever . and so sudden ! We where all eating dinner and it started to rain and thunder . So my dad ( ordinary pastor ) checked the weather and saw the tonado warning . So we all ate fast and ran into our basement for safty . There is a perfect room for stoms down there just not so comfy  :p .My mom and dad where texting our friends and giving them updates and asking them  how they where doing .

The wind was 75 miles an hour !! :O Crazy ! the trees where like binding over ! actually a tree fell down in our ally (in our side yard !) it was sooo… exciting ! My baby brother Bo was not scared at all maybe he just didn’t know what was going on . But still he was a champ ! So was Zoë (4 years old ) she did a great job ! then after the tonado had past we went upstairs and made a pallet on our living room floor and talked about how God made that storm and made the trees bend down ! God is soo… powerfull ! and he kept us safe . We where one of the  8,000 people who lost power .tornado-5