Mahoney state park

Mahoney state park is exactly what Nebraska is. Nice weather and friendly people. These people care about your opinion .If you have not been to Mahoney then you must visit it. It has cabins, the best pools ever, water slides and even horseback riding trail. The people are sooooo… nice. The cabins are very nice and are perfect for a vacation. The pools and water slides have big intertubes. I totally recommend Mahoney as a great summer family vacation place.  You can even buy a pass so you can go their al you want for a whole year!! I hope you go their soon! :D

Bo and Zoe

Bo and Zoe

Bo is sooo… cute and thinks he is buzz lightier. He loves playing sowrd fights with his older brother Luke  . he brings so much laughter in the house. Bo says the funnyest things like,” I want to work in … Continue reading

thistle my bearded dragon

For the past 2 years or so since my other lizard died I have always been longing for a pet of my own .Such as a lizard.

the tipe of lizard I have wanted is a bearded dragon . they, unlike most other lizards eat vegges and alive crickets .Witch is not as gross as it seems . Other lizards eat things such as ,crickets, grasshoppers,flies , and other gross things . but this type of lizard is cool  because its beard puffs up. Why?  because they are scared . and sometimes there beard will turn black bearded dragons are sooo cool !bearded dragonsleeping bearde draogon

the* jewels*case

So in our family when you turn nine mom and dad can decide if you can have a blog  (usually the girls are the only ones who want one.).This year was my younger sister Jewel’s 9th birthday.Jewel asked my Mom and Dad if … Continue reading


today is the 4th say of school whew!Today we are reading a book as a family our read aloud. (I am home schooled) We are reading “The Secret Of The Sealed Room” it looks super cool. We have only read  a couple of for school it is pretty busy first we do our  math then our language  then writing then spelling  then reading  then while the little kids are sleeping we do something quite like read a fun book. it is a pretty fun day;D

Christmas Eve Service

This Monday at 7:00 pm my church will hold a  Christmas eve service . Here is the location Emmaus Bile Church 23 and J south omaha( in our NEW building!!) Go to” Emmaus Bible Church .org ” and it will give you all the info. I  hope you can come to celebrate Christ’s birth!My Dad (Erik Raymond) will be teaching the word of God . and we will have music too.   Merry Christmas!20 days old baby sleeping in a christmas nativity crib