stuff about gardens

I have 2 gardens so I will tell you a little about them.Well first I want to tell you what I planted.we planted cilantro and definitely tomatoes and corn(that did not go vary well) and we also planted lettuce and that was delicious, cucumbers(if you want to plant cucumbers you have to plant them on a mount of dirt and have lots of space for them).I will tell you how I made the plant bed.

1: you will have to have a plan because if you do not it will look bad.

2: you will have to have wood a lot of wood.

3: you will have to have nails and you will need a lot of those.

4:you will have to have plants.
I love this craft and if you do the craft please tell me what you planted. I hope you have fun!.we loved this craft and it was so fun to not go to the store and and we saved so much was fun to go outside and pick some food and it was so much better then the store bought food! we all loved it


5 thoughts on “stuff about gardens

  1. Josh and I are going to have a garden for the first time this year. It’s a new project for us so thank you for the helpful tips! Hope we have as much fun with our garden as you did with yours!

  2. Bird, you are a great gardener. I am so thankful that you had such a good idea to make a garden in our yard. It is really fun to plant, pick and eat all the veggies (and “share” some with the rabbits too!)

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