technolgy time

We do something  called technology  time and it so fun this is what we  do.We do not do any technology the whole week but on Saturdays we have 4 hours of technology. and we git to do what ever we want.We could watch any movie or video game we want.This is the best. you should try it just for one week and you will be so happy and your children will love it.And the  grown ups will even love it! you want to try it? well if you do write back and tell me how you like it and how your children like it and if they do like it  then tell me what you watched and if you will always do it. this is a great way to git your kids to play with there family.And a another rule is that if your room is dirty you git 30 minuets of technology time off.And if you leave dirty sox then you also get 30 minutes off.And this is also a good way to keep your house clean.


I hope you like it and enjoy!


6 thoughts on “technolgy time

  1. I am so happy you like technology time and you see all the benefits of having a scheduled time to watch movies, play video games and all other techy stuff. I love the Birdie!

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