birthday party!

We just had a another birthday party for my younger sister Jewel she just turned 7.This is what we did:We had a tea party she loved that and we played apples to apples the girls did not know how to play that so we had to teach them and when they learned how to play it they loved it. And we also watched Tangled at the movie theater.And my Grammy and papa gave Jewel dinner at Papa murphy’s (that is a pizza place)I wood like you to tell me what you did on your last b-day.


4 thoughts on “birthday party!

  1. For my last birthday I had a cake with horses on it with toothpicks as a fence around it (this is when I turned eight).

    When I turned seven it was hilarious we played pin the tail on the donkey (I was sitting on a chair next to the door where the pin the tail on the donkey game was set up).And it was my friends turn so my dad spun him around and then he almost put the tail on me: but I moved so he put it on the wall!

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