my sisters Star and Jewel

My baby sister Zoe is so cute! We love playing games and we love cuddling. She makes the funniest faces. This is what she does: tucks her lower lip in her mouth. The weird thing is that I can understand her and that is pretty funny because she talks in tongues. We are like sisters(oh wait we are sisters). You will not believe this – she sings the cuttest song…circus girl. i love her and my sister Jewel.

We are also very close. Our favorite game to play is cashier and Dr. which we love. Please tell me what you play with your brother or sister. if you are a growen up please tell me what you played when you were a kid.


8 thoughts on “my sisters Star and Jewel

  1. Bird, you are a great big sister! I am so thankful that God has given us such a unique family. It’s cute to see you, Jewel, and Star play cashier together. By the way, I need to buy some books. Is the store open later? I also need a coffee. Love you!

  2. Oh, and I forgot, I played cowboys and indians. Also, cops and robbers and pretended to be on the Red Sox and Celtics. We didn’t have cash registers when I was little. I don’t even know if Math was invented yet. LOL!

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