At the zoo

Today we want to the zoo. My little sister Star loves it. It is so cute to see her look at the penguins because she runs across the floor saying “tickle tickle tickle” and she tickle there tummy their kids zone and you git to go write in front of the penguins face and they swim wright past you .(We go to the Henry Doorly zoo here in Omaha).

My favorite water animal are the dolphins but we did not see them their because we did not have enough time but we did git to see the monkeys they are so Hilarius and we saw a mom to a monkey and the baby monkey was on her back.their were other mysterious animals their like the half lizard and half snake it was so cool!We also saw a Macaw that was vary interesting only he did not sing or dance or do any thing cool he just sat their.

We must have got there at the right time because all the animals were being fed there food which was vegetables. And the ducks were amazing they were white even their beaks well they were a little gray they were swing and they got up and flew wright next to me and my family it was amazing!


2 thoughts on “At the zoo

  1. I think that half lizard and half snake animal might be a Komodo Dragon I am not %100 percent sure so do not go around telling people I saw a Komodo Dragon because I am not quite sure.

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