piano recital:)

We want to a piano recital it was awesome.But guess what! I was playing!!It was playing a song called Nothing But The Blood it is my favorite only I arranged it,it sounded so soft and quite and you could go to sleep.My younger sister Jewel was playing in it to she played a song called Puppies and guppies she played it wonderfully and she is only 7 and this is her first time going.My older brother Zack
he is 11 and he played a song called He’s A pirate (it is from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean)and it sounded so powerful.And my other older brother is 15 and he played Amazing Grace(from the hymn book)and that is pretty hard so I was amazed! his name is Jake.

We are going to another one next year.

Have you ever been to 1? if so right back to me and tell me what you played or what song you liked.


4 thoughts on “piano recital:)

    • that is so cool! That sounds like a good song…I would like to hear it one day and i could play my song to you(my song was called Nothing But The Blood) i made it different then the real song.:D

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