facts of a blue whale.++animals at the zoo

Did you know that a blue whale is as long as a 10 story building?Another one is that a blue whale ways as much as 33 elephants!!! That is that amazing what are you learning in scientists or what are you learning in school? well if you want to share it please tell me and I will share my other scientists facts.today We went to the Zoo we saw the penguins and I already told yo that my baby sister Star loves penguins.And we saw butterfly’s it stunk so bad that you could not breath.But they were so pretty one was trying to git out the door and in to a butterfly place ware they look if you have any Butterfly’s or Moth’s on your back.this is what color it was black and white butterfly.I do not know what kind it was but it was very beautiful. have you herd of it?We also saw a gorilla who just had a baby it was so cute the mom was playing with it and the dad was sitting down watching them is was so cut to see wright in front of your very eyes and the dad wood some times pike the baby up on his back so that he was having a picky back ride.

We also saw the sharks.One of the big sharks opened his mouth and his teeth came out they were so big and he had so many of them+he was wright above us that made it worse has that ever happened to you?

what did you see at the zoo??


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