Omaha children’s museum

Have you ever been to Omaha children’s museum?
well we went today and we had a blast!We went to the Ball Room that was amazing the balls went every ware.This is what we did:we painted and we played fire man because they had a fire truck we ran to all the play houses( they were vary big) and blew out the fire!it was fun vary fun.We also went to the play store and you know that my Favorite game to play is store they had a casher stand I was the casher!

My baby sister Star loved the baby place.That was so cute to see her have fun.And my younger sister Jewel loved the painting place (she is a good artist) we all had a blast.+my grandma was in town and my parents out of town.

what is your favorite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday?

my favorite thing is go to the zoo and also I like to eat pizza and sleep in+make a pallet.:D


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