A days life as a tea bag

sad side
Have you ever wounder what it would be like if you were a tea bag?well i have(i am a fan of hot tea) but you have to push it back down cuz it always wants to float back up but you have to get all the flavor out of the tea bag.But i always feel so bad for it:(.Another fact is that it has to drown in VARY! HOT WATER.


happy side
The other side is that maybe the tea bag is happy to be pushed down in HOT WATER.:)
like maybe when it was in a garden it loved being in the sun.But one day the gardener took the plant and put him in a tea bag.So the tea bag was so sad.When he went to the store to be bought it was sad:( but you bought it so it though there was a chance to be hot.So when you push down the tea bag it likes it very much.
When you make your tea have you ever wondered that?


4 thoughts on “A days life as a tea bag

  1. I have done the same thing with just about all kinds of things. I have thought about forks, shoes, cups, flowers, oranges! You name it I’ve wondered what it would feel like if it was real too! I think its good to wonder how something might feel. It makes me stop and think about how people feel in different situations.

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