Birdy’s Favorite Reese’s Pieces Bars

I think that this is the best dessert that a kid or adult could make. This is because,they are soft,the chocolate is crunchy,the peanut butter is the best part and it rely gives the big flavor and the powdered sugar is the stuff that makes it soft.

This is how you make it:

melt to together:
1cup of peanut butter.
1/2cup of butter or margarine.
set this mixture aside
1and 1/2cups of powdered sugar.
1 pkg(about 9 crackers)VARY FINELY crushed graham crackers
(In a separate bowl)
pour in the peanut butter and butter in the other bowl
press in to 9×13 pan,sprayed with Pam.
melt 12 oz of chocolate. or almond bark
pour on top of the peanut butter in the pan.

refrigerate for at least 30 min or an hour.

These are the best peanut butter reese’s bars ever!!


9 thoughts on “Birdy’s Favorite Reese’s Pieces Bars

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  2. So, Do you mix the powdered sugar and graham crackers together and make the bottom crust? Or what do you do with it, your directions weren’t clear on that.or are you mixing the peaThe picture makes it look like 3 layers.nut butter and butter in with that? Does that mean there isn’t a bottom layer?

    • you mix gram crackers and powdered sugar together in a bowl and then you mix the butter and peanut butter together until you have it all mixed up, then you mix both bowls together thoroughly and spread it into a pan ( put pam into the pan also) the pan should be about 8” long,If you want you can make the crust again and spread on top of the chocolate after it freezes and then put back in the freezer to harden up.:D
      hope you know how to make it know.

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