Ruffled streamers

this is how the crepe paper should be overlapped

Today I made ruffle streamers. I am going decorate my mom’s hospital room with them when Ashel is born.

This is how to make Ruffled Streamers.It rely easy and all you need is:

  • crepe paper
  • a sewing machine
  • thread
  1. This is how to make it. You can use as much as you want you could use 1 2 or 3 colors. You should overlap them so they are curly.This is how they should look.
2.Next make them straight so they do not get twisted and that could mess you up.But to make that not happen you  can unroll them into a box so they do not get tangled.
 make suer the crepe paper is lined up.
The crepe paper is 99cents at hobby lobby

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