grammy and papa

Today my grammy and papa are here visiting and are staying 10 days this is there 4th day here. They live in mass. this is what we did this week so far: on sunday we want to church at EBC (my dad is the pastor Erik Raymond)and on monday me my sister and grammy went shopping at the mall soooo fun.(thank you grammy.)And on Tusday i went to the dr. (because i am dizzy when i stand up) and today star and grammy and papa went to the children’s museum and on thursday we went to the movie theaters  and watch dolphin tale with was amazing


  and on friday we hanged out and on Saturday we watched true grit the movie and on sunday we went to church


4 thoughts on “grammy and papa

  1. That sounds like a busy week! Did they manage to figure out how to stop you from being dizzy? I have that problem a lot and it turned out I didn’t have enough water in my blood! So now I have to drink lots of water and eat lots of salty foods so that I don’t get dizzy.

  2. This looks like a very good movie. I have ten grandchildren so they will not be going to any movies, but I can recommend this movie for when it comes out in video (dvd). My grandchildren live in the States. I live in Canada, but get to see them at least twice a year. I guess I can look for suitable movies for them on your blog. This is good. Thank you.

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