Nice weather!!!!!:D God’s grace

This is some pretty nice weather isn’t it. After all this white weather it is a blessing from God! Every morning when the sun shines in my room I  remember how God made everything and everyone in his image and how the light that I see is from God and his creation.How amazing is God’s power,love and grace.Also when i wake up i am so excited that God let me live another day!

Do you feel the same way?

It always makes my happy to read my bible in his name.

Today i was reading in Matthew 21:23-46 it was about the pharisees, and how they tested Jesus. they said”In who’s name do you do thees things?” and Jesus said” I also will ask you one question,and if you tell me the answer,then i also will tell you by what authority i do thees things.The baptism of John,from where did it come?from man or heaven” and they did not know.

The lesson from this story is that man can not test Jesus but Jesus can test man.

But even wright know this weather is amazing when you go play outside play in God’s name


One thought on “Nice weather!!!!!:D God’s grace

  1. Wow, I really like your posts and heart for Jesus. That is so great to have at such a young age. You remind me a lot of my daughter Grace. We really enjoyed reading your blogs.

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