my school assignment .

this is the story i wrote for my school prodject :




Alaynah woke up to a dull sunlight and ran down stairs to see what her family was up to. She saw that her mom was reading a letter, she stopped and said, “Alaynah go see Mrs. Betty she called for you. ‘’  Mrs. Raymond handed Alaynah basket full bread for Mrs. Betty “tell her I love her.”  Alaynah told her she would. Opened the door and left. The Raymond’s where very close to her ever since he husband died.

Alaynah walked down Hallow Ave and noticed the vary sharp cold weather that was strange for the middle of June. She wished she would have brought her shawl as she rubbed her arms .

Mrs. Betty always was found of her and she knew it.  She would always give her great gifts including china set! Alaynah would always give her a thank you card and would give her a hug in return, yet sometimes Mrs. Betty would just have her over to talk .witch she thought would be a day like today.

By the time she got to her house it had started to rain. When she opened the door a vary frail woman was sitting in a chair knitting. she looks vary pail, thought Alaynah. “hello Mrs. Betty, my mum baked you some bread.”  “oh isn’t she sweet! thank you. come sit right here darling.” Mrs. Betty patting a wooden chair next to her. Alaynah came and sat down where she had said to. “Thank you for coming. what I wanted to talk to you about is that  I am afraid I am dying, and I have a very important job that no one must know about and if I do die I need someone to carry on it.”  “ is there something I could do to help ?”   “ well yes you could take on my job .” “What is your job?”  “The weather I control the weather by my feelings.”

Alaynah was shocked, and she was still getting over the fact that she was dying!!  “oh, how will I be able to do that? And do I have to keep it a secret? And what if I mess up or …”  “I will teach you everything you need to know about it.  Come here every day at ten o clock a.m. “

That evening her mum asked her what was going on with Mrs. Betty, and as she did Alaynah had no idea how to answer that for Mrs. Betty had not told her if she was supposed to keep it a secret. so Alaynah just told her they had a little chat.  She made up some excuse of why she needed to go back then dashed out the door and then ran back in to get her shawl.

When she arrived she was still knitting. it looked as though she had not moved sense she had left the day before.  Then she sat down where she sat the day before. mrs.Betty said “Well dear would you please make me some tea, and then we will get started on our lesson.” Alaynah picked up the kettle, put water in it and put it on the filthy oven. she would clean it after wards the thought.

After Alaynah made the tea she sat down next to Mrs. .Betty. “Well to make the weather bad, windy, cold and dark you must express that you are sad . I want to give you the power first,” she handed her a blue stone, it felt warm! “This is the power source you must take great care of it and if it is cold you will lose your power and the world will end!!!!” Alaynah felt scared. She had always wanted a responsibility but never had one, and this was definitely a responsibility!! Alaynah took the stone and then put is back by the fire and then kept lessening. “Now I want you to express how you feel.” Alaynah didn’t really know how she felt, but she decided to be happy.  She squashed her hands and sang, and all of a sudden a flash of light came from the window… a roasted turkey sat at her feet that hadn’t been there before Alaynah said “what happened?” ‘You must not have been thinking clearly.  But that is fine we will try again tomorrow. See you soon Alaynah.’’  Alaynah was on the way out the door when she remembered the stone and turned to get it. As she did it lit up and wiggled around. “Mrs. Betty, do I have to keep this a secret? “  “No but if you do nobody will steal the stone and that has all power! “

o   Alaynah turned and left. She felt different and light as if the stone was carrying     some of her Wight. She began to think of all the rocks she had collected when suddenly a big gold rock landed right in front of her! I must learn to control it; I could have hurt someone. Alaynah walked down the road to her house.


o   The next day she was taught to think of only the weather and not turkeys! So she thought of flowers and light and then a big pot of flowers landed in front of her as well as the sun shining brighter .Mrs. Betty said not to think of weather but of happiness. So she expected that she was happy by jumping up and down and smiling and the weather was hot and sunny and flowery!!! J She had done it!  Mrs. Betty smiled with joy “congratulations!!  J “


o   The next day Alaynah walked into Mrs. Betty’s house” Mrs. Betty!  … Mrs. Betty?  Betty, where are you? ” no answer.   She walked into mrs.bettys room and saw that Mrs. Betty was still sleeping. Then she checked to see if she was still breathing and she couldn’t find a pulse!! Alaynah started sweating and didn’t know what to do was she alive? She shook her and cried “betty! Mrs. Betty! “ she ran down the street to mr.benets house and told him there was an emergency .  They ran down the dark street and went into her house. mr.benet couldn’t find a pulse either! Yes Mrs. Betty had died. I can’t do this without her I can’t! The weather just then turned black and rainy and thunder shook the earth. She walked slowly to her house crying.


o   The weather was bad every day since then because Alaynah was angry and felt like giving up.  When she woke up on a Wednesday morning she lay in bed thinking and all ofa sudden she remembered the stone! She ran into the living room and saw the familiar bucket over the stove. She went over and picked up the stone with a dish towel. As she held it she felt like there was hope and she could go on without Mrs. Betty even though it would be hard .she smiled and the sun rose for the first time in two weeks!


o   And ever since that day she was faithful to express her feelings and she did it right! Alaynah never told her family, yet her mom did find the stone in her soup once and put it outside, but after dinner Alaynah secretly went outside and picked it up. She put it back in the bucket.


The end!


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