crazy storm !!

Ok ,  so last night there was the crazyest storm ever . and so sudden ! We where all eating dinner and it started to rain and thunder . So my dad ( ordinary pastor ) checked the weather and saw the tonado warning . So we all ate fast and ran into our basement for safty . There is a perfect room for stoms down there just not so comfy  :p .My mom and dad where texting our friends and giving them updates and asking them  how they where doing .

The wind was 75 miles an hour !! :O Crazy ! the trees where like binding over ! actually a tree fell down in our ally (in our side yard !) it was sooo… exciting ! My baby brother Bo was not scared at all maybe he just didn’t know what was going on . But still he was a champ ! So was Zoë (4 years old ) she did a great job ! then after the tonado had past we went upstairs and made a pallet on our living room floor and talked about how God made that storm and made the trees bend down ! God is soo… powerfull ! and he kept us safe . We where one of the  8,000 people who lost power .tornado-5


One thought on “crazy storm !!

  1. Yes! It was a very bad storm. We were actually at our grandmas house when the tornado sirens went off and we were in their basement for a really long time. How are you feeling? -Hannah Hovendick

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