Paint In a Bag

So this week at our church was VBS ! I am serving in the nusery . The leader in the nursery brought out theese paint bags that where really cool ! So I thought I would share with you how cool they are !

So what are theese “paint in a bag ” things ?

Well, they are ZIP LOCK BAGS , PAINT,and TAPE

here is what you do :

  1. placy 2-3 colors of Crayola paint into a ZIP LOCK BAG (preferably quart size )
  2. place Packing tape on all four sides.  ( you could do this step twice so it is extra secure ) Make sure all air is out of bag !

3.then squish and have fun!

this is a really good idea to keep kids quite durring church or any other quite event !  I hope you do this and that it is usefull !! colersZiploc_Slider_Storage_Qttape

paint 3paint 2



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