North Carolina

So last month we where blest to go to a beach house in North Carolina !It was right on the sound and when I say that I mean that our back yard WAS the sound !(the sound is a beach that is really shallow and does not have any waves )

So you might be wondering “How?” .Well this pastor there ,inherited a beach house ,And instead of selling or renting it he thought it was a good idea to lend it to pastors or missionary’s who needed a vacation .

This vacation was so fun ! We had a fire on the beach and roasted marshmallows. What was so cool, was that if our hands where dirty we could just rinse them off in the ocean !

OK so I am not a fish person but I went clamming !(I did not eat the clams) Clamming like digging for fish you just sit in the sand and dig and when you find a shell that has not been opened yet… you found a clam! So guess  how many we found all together in one day (4 hours)….199 !!!!!!!  it was so fun to find free food !


sunrise on the beach !


clams one they are open

Our family’s friends, the Huggins live there and so we would always hang out with them ! It was so fun to see them ! :). while we where there it was there granddaughters birthday we made an awesome FROZEN birthday party for her ! she loved it !


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