The Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life

the most embarrassing moment of my life witch is actually quite funny is,” the mouse story” . It goes like this ….

So  I really was embarrassed  that we had mice in our new- old  home and i really wish i could just forget that we had them .One night we went out and bought mouse traps , I just couldn’t believe that we actually where buying them ! A while passed and we only caught  1 mouse . So that could be good and  bad . The reason it could be bad is because I knew that we actually had them, the only reason it was good is because 1 down …and … how many left to go ? 

So one night me and my sister, Alexis, where doing our dinner chores and she said “hey I’ll check the mouse trap and see if we got anything .”And  she did. She told mw that the switch said ,”caught “. I was surprised and said, “No, thats always been like that . There is nothing in there .” But she insisted that there was ! So she ran upstairs and told our mom what happened . I was feeling really confident in myself and said, “you know what I will open it and show you !” 

We both ran down the stairs and I picked up the trap, slid the little cap of the bottom and, low and behold a little mouse nose was looking right at me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I threw the mouse trap across the room and yelled “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…!!!!!” Alexis was laughing her head off and I was holding both my hands scared and embarrassed . I remembered that pride comes before the fall and I just fell pretty hard . 

So I went and told my mom that Lexi was right and I was … less right .

owww… I fell !!!!!


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