Orcas are quite amazing to read about and discover there amazing abilities . They astonish me in every way .

Though Orcas can weigh up to 22,000 pounds they are not part of the whale family like most people think, but are part of the dolphin family .Orcas are the largest member of the dolphin family . Orcas travel in pods like dolphins do.

Many other people have seen Orcas amazing talent in the way they think . So they have decided to capture  them form the arctic ocean ,and  have taught them how to do backflips and tricks for entertainment . Why this is bad is because, Orcas (king of the ocean) are very displeased to be living in captivity, so a lot of deaths have occurred .  Orcas also do not live as long as they do in the wild . In the wild Orcas can live 70-80 years ,but in captivity they only live -40-50 years. why is there shortage of life? because they are doing 4-5 shows a day, instead of just swimming and hunting .Orcas where not went for being trained to do backflips.

what do Orcas eat ?

Orcas mostly eat , fish ,sea lions , seals,polar bears,and birds . The most amazing thing is how  they catch there prey , when they when they spot there prey on an ice berg ,the whole pod moves there tales to make a wave, witch nocks the prey of the ice berg and, into the water . They then grab it under water then through it up in the air so it can breath . they do this to keep the prey alive so that when they go to there young they can teach them how to kill it .

Do whales sleep ?

There perspective of sleeping is not our perspective of sleeping but, our perspective of resting . Orcas lay together as a pod at the surface of the water and breath when they need to . this is how they get there “sleep”.

Orcas, using there knowledge, have discovered something before humans have , Orcas have found that if  you flip a shark upside down that it will , after 10 seconds fall asleep , and that is when the Orca kills the shark ,and eats it .

Baby Orcas are delivered in the water, and are usually delivered tail first ,yet it has been noted that there have been some head first deliveries . Baby Orcas drink there mothers milk for up to 2 years ! The baby orca usually lives with its mothers pod for the rest of its life . This proves that Orcas are mammals .

Orcas are an amazing creature  ,that is also very friendly ,that I would one day, love to meet !




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