Prickles ( update )

image image image image

Prickles is now 1 1/2 years old !!!!!he is about 12 inches long . It seems like only yesterday I went to buy him! He is ,in my opinion, more friendly than othe bearded dragons . Most bearded dragons like to be held and won’t bite and all that , but Prickles is all that and curious about things that happen outside his cage . He will chase flies and watch my siblings play!I’ve looked at pictures of prickles when he was a baby and I can’t believe how much he has grown !!!! At a point in his life I thought he wasn’t growing !! So I had to feed him extra crickets and more veggies!! I think it did the trick because prickles is huge now !!

One thing I do with prickles is watch his weight. A lot of bearded dragons are FAT so ever since I got him I’ve been feeding just the right amount of food not too much and not too little .The worst thing you can have is a FAT lizard ! You might be wondering “how does she know when he is full?”her is how I know !! When I try to feed him more food I hold it up to his face and he will close his eyes !!! It is soooo funny!  He mostly does that when I feed him broccoli!! I sometimes put berries and veggies .Prickles will pick out the berries and leave the veggies!!!

Prickles doesn’t do so very much during the day … All he does is sit on his log , move to a different log , eat , swim in his water , then go back to sitting on his log .  I often wounded what prickles thinks about all day !!!!

I think he had a pretty happy life thought . Crickets falling from the sky , food everyday he doesn’t have to hunt for , a pool ! I mean what more could he ask for !!!!

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