An Unexpected Visit

This is a fictional assignment that I was assigned from my teacher. I wrote it with the intent of a humorous laugh! Enjoy and please leave feedback i would love to grow in my writing!

Alaynah Raymond 15

10 April 2017

Bob and Joe where sitting on their beds thinking of how to get snacks for their party that night. The twins where not very intelligent which got them into a lot of trouble. The problem was that they had told everyone that there would be delicious food at their party tonight,but somehow they still had no money to buy them, and they had told everyone that this was going to be an epic party. Whats an epic party without snacks?

Bob looked at Joe, “I’ve got it!” Joe looked up from his blank piece of paper that should have had ideas on it. “What?” Joe said reluctantly. “We will rob a gas station!” A smile slowly appeared on Joe’s face and his eyes sparkled with mischief. Bob and Joe combined a plan that was very illogical.  Which involved breaking into the store in broad daylight. “I knew we had more potential than just buying goodies!” said Joe in his husky voice that meant he was up to no good,

The boys where now in the bathroom putting black paint under their eyes, and dressing in all black. Their mom, Sydney, knocked on the door, “Boys, don’t you think that you should clean up a bit so that you aren’t embarrassed when your friends come over and see your toy trucks all over the house?” The Boys looked at each other in udder silence they could almost hear the black paint dripping off of the paint brush, “Ummm…. We are actually going out now to ughh…go to our neighbors umm… costume party and come home in time for our get together” When Sydney heard both boys in the bathroom saying they were going out, she knew they were up to something as usual. “Well, let me see your costumes.” She said suspiciously. The door opened slowly and Joe’s eyes showed a gleam off gilt. Their mothers face was horrified! “You think I am going to let my little twins go to a costume party in a mugger outfit? No way! Go put on your matching bunny one piece, everybody loves those!” Joe and Bob looked at each other before saying “But Mom, those hurt my feet. Don’t you think this looks pretty cool!? it’s not like we are actually going to steal stuff, we are just dressing up for fun.” Sydney responded with a very logical question, “Why is there a costume party in July?” Bob and Joe pushed their way outside as fast as they could before being forced to answer.


They walked down the street carrying two duffle bags, wearing all black, and not looking suspicious at all. They walked up the sidewalk to the building and Joe reached for the door handle. His hands where shaking, everything slowed down, the reflection of their masks in the glass made Joe’s back twitch with a sudden chill. “Why am I doing this?” he thought. It was too late now, but he was going to get a ton of awesome snacks! The door opened with a loud creak and they walked into a clean swept floor. “this is weird” thought Joe “ The gas station is filthy.”  Joe raised his hands in surrender, but obviously Bob didn’t see what he did, it was too late they were in for it now. Bob went on with his pitch not seeing clearly where he was, “You guys are being robbed nobody move or we will ugh… beat you up…” His voice trailed off as he realized that he was not in a gas station but rather the police station. The office cubicles started to boom with laughter. The biggest police officer stood up and walked over to the shaking boys. “Boys, do you know where you are right now?” He said while laughing. Joe answered” umm…I don’t believe we are at the gas station. We should go… We were just testing to see if you guys were ready for anything!” The officer grabbed the boys not believing that fib. He was very amused “Well, you know what I have to do you. You will have to do public service to pay for this intended robbery.”

Joe and Bob had to clean all the streets of their neighborhood which took about two and a half weeks. Their party was a complete failure as the boys tried to convince their friends to help sweep streets.

At the end of all this their Mother talked to them, “Bob, Joe, God sees all things even through your lies. My Honeys, junk food and friends are obviously not worth a lie or hurting others. One of the 10 commandments clearly says that lying is a sin worthy of death. You boys are blesses that right now you have the opportunity to repent of your lies, to me and to your heavenly father!” Bod answered “You are right Mom, I need to really examine my life and repent, because Christ died for all of my sin and I need to make a change in my life. I am sorry mom.” “I forgive you Bob” Joe repeated word for word what Bob said and their mother forgave them as well as their heavenly father.  The lesson of this chapter of Bob and Joe’s life is clearly that, lying and stealing are sins that God see’s and are definitely not worth junk food.


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