Leonardo Da Vinci

Alaynah Raymond

Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452 in Florence Italy. He was a sculptor, painter, architect, military engineer, draftsman and inventor. Leonardo was an artist at the time when humanism was rising to the surface. Leonardo painted moods and feelings with such ease. You can look at his works and hear or sense the words or thoughts the characters are expressing.

Leonardo painted the “The Last Supper”,when he was 41. Itis a fresco like painting on the wall of, a convent, “Santa Maria Delle Grazie”. It stretches nearly fifteen feet by twenty-nine feet on the same wall today. This is rather large for such an amazingly detailed image. “The Last Supper” shows what the last meal with Jesus was like. It shows Jesus and the twelve disciples eating before he is delivered over to be crucified. The room has incredible perspective. The room looks as if it was going into the wall it is painted on.

Looking at “The Last Supper”there is a lot of movement. The disciples are talking with Jesus. The sound of their chatter bounces of the painting. The image of Judus, is based off a man that Leonardo went looking for in a jail. He found a criminal who would describe Judus at a single glance.

“The Last Supper” has sadly been hard to keep intact. The paint is fading and chipping.  Bombs, from World War II, have been part of this decaying process. The paint has been touched up many times by new artists. This was last done in 1999.

Many artists have tried to give their own take on this painting. One particular person, Vik Muniz, tried to paint“the last supper”with chocolate syrup.

Leonardo painted The “Mona Lisa” when he was 51. It is a made with oil paint on poplar wood.  It depicts a woman with long brown hair wearing a dark green dress. The forestry background behind her, was painted with such accuracy and realism. The most fascinating detail, in this painting, is her smile. Lisa looks to the right of the viewer, with such a solemn expression. As you look closely, you can see her lips are turned upwards in a small smile. It seems as though she is thinking of a secret joke or about something that makes her happy. Her eyes are bright and cheerful.

The “Mona Lisa” was painted at the same time as Michelangelo finished his, 17-foot-tall, sculptor of David. This painting is one of the world’s most famous paintings.

Around the time this painting was finished, the Reformation was started by Martin Luther. This particular painting of Leonardo’s is a great example of what was happening in the culture back then in art. At this time, art was growing to be more and more focused on humans and not spiritual things that used to capture all art.

In contrast, both paintings are of people. Both are very realistic. The hair in both the “Mona Lisa”and “TheLast Supper “have so much detail. The clothes folds are so realistic when they fall around the individual. The “Mona Lisa”is quiet, thoughtful, and still. You see and hear thoughts. Whereas, “The last supper”has this since of chatter, and bustle. After 600 years of being displayed many people still are going to see them. We are still learning from them and using Leonardo’s techniques.

last supper


mona lisa


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