PietaDavidAlaynah Raymond

Michelangelo was born march 6, 1475, in Caprese Italy. He was an architect, engineer, poet, artist, and sculptor. Although Michelangelo is looked at now as one of the best artist, he was not always looked at like this.


Michelangelo grew up into a family of bankers. When he was 13 he apprenticed the painter Domenico Ghirlandaio for three years. He then went on to learn how to sculpt under the teaching of the Giovanni who was a Medici friend. He did not always follow this teacher’s methods, but used some of his own.

Michelangelo got a job to replace sculptor who had passed away, in Bologna. He was to complete the project the sculptor did not get to finish, many figures for a tomb.


When Michelangelo was 47 he stared painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. (1508-1512) He was a perfectionist who go extremely angry, when he made the smallest mistake. He fired all of his hired hands because he thought them inapt to do such a job. He painted it by himself, lying on his back.  The Sistine chapel is covered in detail.


One of his most famous sculptors Michelangelo made is the sculptor named, “Pieta”. He made it when he was only 25. Michelangelo sculpted with one slab of stone, saying that he was, “liberating the figure from the marble that imprisons it.”  This sculptor was so incredibly good people did not believe Michelangelo had made it. Thus the people thought Michelangelo was a liar.


When the people started giving credit to another artist for the work “Pieta”, Michelangelo carved his name onto the sash across Mary’s chest. He later regretted this act, and decided never to sign another piece of art again.


Another amazing sculptor that was produced by Michelangelo was “David” a nearly 17foot tall sculptor of the great king in the Bible. “David“was made from one slab of solid Carrara marble. One of the whitest marbles in the world.  The back of David’s leg, and around his shoulder, were originally overlaid with gold. After a while of it being outside, in the Plaza Della Signoria, the gold was washed away. This sculptor was made between 1501-1504. This is the same time that Leonardo was painting the “Mona Lisa”.  This was the time when people started to look to humans rather than God as their saviors. We see this throughout all art produced during the Renaissance. Although this sculptor is of a man from the bible, we see that the glory is not given to God through this piece. In earlier paintings and sculptors, the characters were giving signs of blessing or signs of pleas for mercy, all to or from God. This was a major change in the culture of Europe.


Michelangelo painted and sculpted real looking people, yet they were often not realistically sized. We see this when we look at the piece, “Pieta “and the piece “David”. Mary is not proportioned well to Jesus. She is rather large.  David is nearly 17 feet tall, this is not a common height for a real man.

Michelangelo thought it important to sculpt out of one slab of stone, which he did in both of these sculptors. Michelangelo signed his sculptor “Pieta” whereas, he did not sign his sculptor “David”. The sculptor of “Pieta ”is only around 6 feet tall,


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