pet stories

When I got my lizard I really wanted to hold her but she did not want me to hold her . So she would like run away from my hand . So when she went to sleep I slowly  picked up her log that she was laying on and picked her up ! She was still seeping then .

Then my sister Alexis wanted to hold her ,so i gave her Thistle (still sleeping ) and she woke up!!!! and ran all across the room so I picked her up by the tale and she got loose again so Alexis grabbed  her by the tale and she got loose AGAIN! We had her cornered and she she was mad and gaping !! It looks      scary but that is the trick she is actually scared and wants to look big and tough.  my big brother Bryce grabbed a shoe box and shoved her in it , and put her back in her cage . but ever since then she has been my friend  she sleeps on my sometimes and it is sooo… cute.ths one on the right looks just like thistle cutemad

sleeping bearde draogon


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