What I do day to day

Ok I am going to tell you guys what I do day to day.Well I wake up at 7:00 and read my bible (right know I am in 1 Samuel ) and then I write about what I read (sometimes on my blog) and then pray I do that to ask God how what I read can help me in the day.We also go to the gym and my mom and dad and my brothers workout.Then we swim there!!!! it is SOOOOOOO FUN!!!! Then we drop my big brother off at work he works at Methodist hospitals Crane Coffee  you should try it  it is amazing. then we eat lunch lay the 1 year old Bo down and the 3 year old Zoe down to for a nap.Me and my little sister Alexis do crafts. and then daddy gets home from work( he is a pastor at http://emmausbiblechurch.org/)and we eat a AMAZING dinner my mom makes.And go to bed.

mommy and daddy!                                                 this is our new church building!!!