Peppermint Princess Party {Plus a Free PRINTABLE}

My 10th  birthday was the best birthday ever!

Food: Was amazing! Frosted pretzel stars, gingerbread men, minty oreos, a bowl full of kisses, mini cheesecakes, chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting that my Daddy  made {my mom boasted how they were the best she had ever had} and a Sparkly Strawberry punch.

Decorations: Striped straws were in each cup, the door was covered in stripped and polka dot paper with a green wreath with a tag on it that said “Welcome, I’m so glad you came”, red and white garland and pompoms,  and a lot more!! Look at the pictures 😀

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Friends: They were so nice to come! They had a blast with the craft and some of them I hadn’t seen in a long time so it was so good to see them.

Craft: We made crowns by glueing peppermints to wire my mom shaped for us.

Games we put stickers on our back which had a word on it. we knew everyone else’s but not our own. So we had to guess what we were. Everyone was smiling and saying how they loved it.

Presents: I got some awesome gifts from awesome friends! Yarn and crochet kit, hair pretty kit, earrings, gum, duct tape (yeEE HAW!), hair pretties, bracelets and perfume.


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*thanks to my mum for typing this as I talked 😀