What I do day to day

Ok I am going to tell you guys what I do day to day.Well I wake up at 7:00 and read my bible (right know I am in 1 Samuel ) and then I write about what I read (sometimes on my blog) and then pray I do that to ask God how what I read can help me in the day.We also go to the gym and my mom and dad and my brothers workout.Then we swim there!!!! it is SOOOOOOO FUN!!!! Then we drop my big brother off at work he works at Methodist hospitals Crane Coffee  you should try it  it is amazing. then we eat lunch lay the 1 year old Bo down and the 3 year old Zoe down to for a nap.Me and my little sister Alexis do crafts. and then daddy gets home from work( he is a pastor at http://emmausbiblechurch.org/)and we eat a AMAZING dinner my mom makes.And go to bed.

mommy and daddy!                                                 this is our new church building!!!



hiding things and then giving them away on accident

So  why do we hide things?Well because we do not want people to know were the thing you hid is.Well for example if you have seen yogi bear you will know what I am talking about when they were looking for the turtle the inspector said,”Were is the turtle?” and Yogi bear whispered loudly,”They are never going to find the turtle in my den.”(inspector)”It is in the bear’s den.” So that’s what  mean.Another one is my dad when ever he hides things he always hinds it in the laundry room because he is the only one who goes in there.Well know that is not really a secret anymore sorry dad.


grammy and papa

Today my grammy and papa are here visiting and are staying 10 days this is there 4th day here. They live in mass. this is what we did this week so far: on sunday we want to church at EBC (my dad is the pastor Erik Raymond)and on monday me my sister and grammy went shopping at the mall soooo fun.(thank you grammy.)And on Tusday i went to the dr. (because i am dizzy when i stand up) and today star and grammy and papa went to the children’s museum and on thursday we went to the movie theaters  and watch dolphin tale with was amazing


  and on friday we hanged out and on Saturday we watched true grit the movie and on sunday we went to church