interviewing clothes subject “What it feels like to be ironed.”

“Here comes Oxford the shirt! he is going to talk to us about himself and what it feels like to be ironed .”

“Hi my name is Oxford. My owner always irons me and it hurts vary badly I think it is sooooo HOT that if you where a shirt you would cry just like …. ops well anyway I am  against you humans ironing clothes. You gies iron clothes every day or every day and you do not even think about thees things!!! all right i think i am done with my speech.” ” Here comes polo.”  “Hi my name is polo and i am all on for ironing I LOVE being ironed Oxford may not like it but I think it is like a back rub and that feels great because i never git ironed so I think it is special. when do humans git back rubs NEVER!But me once a month!”

Alaynah Raymond “Good job shirts thank you so much for telling us how you feel being ironed. and that is all for today thanks for being with us.”


Is a dogs saliva cleaner then us?

Have you ever wondered if a dogs mouth is cleaner then yours?  Me , my brother , my sisters , my mom and my dad   and ESPECIALLY my dog loving Nana  have debated this. Well, my big brother finally decided to put the question to and end  with scientific evidence.

Here is an interview with  my scientific brother::

What did you want to know with this experiment? we wanted to see if a dogs bacteria wood grow more then a humans.

Why was this an important experiment?because we were all disgusting it.

Where did you do it? at my school

What did you find out? that a dogs mouth is cleaner then ours.

Could a kid do this experiment at home/How?? well you have to have a petri dish, dog saliva and a humans saliva

and when  my brother came home he said.”A dogs mouth is cleaner then a humans.”  We were all shocked.