IMG_6615So I just got PRICKLES !!!! she/he (it is too young to tell ) is only 4 months old today ! I got her/him when it was 8 weeks  old ! she( I am just going to call it a girl )  is sooo… tiny and very cute and is so curious I love her so much and she is a very good pet ! I highly recommend  a bearded dragon as a pet they are so easy to take care of .




thistle is gone ;(

So on Monday Luke was outside and caught 2 lightning bugs ! And well he thought that he should feed them to thistle so he put  them in Thistle’s cage and then thistle ate  them ! It was sooooo…. cool but probably the biggest mistake I ever made !!!!!!!!!!!

The next day Alexis ( went up to feed her and noticed that her beard was BLACK (which means that she was mad )  Saddly I thought nothing about it ;(  then that night I went to the pet store to buy her some sand .

When I came we came home I ran up to my room and set down the sand and said ”Hey Thistle ! How you doing ? ” She she had her eyes half-open and half closed and that looked very wired . So I tapped the glass and she did not move I tapped it harder and she didn’t budge !! What was wrong ? I started crying immediately and was yelling ” THISTLE!  THISTLE !” she did not move I was sobbing like crazy ! I ran down stairs and said to my mom crying” Thistle wont wake up.” my mom hugged me then we all went up stairs to see . 

Yes , my dearest friend Thistle had died !!!!  lightning bugs are very  poisonous  ! Apparently if you feed your lizard 1 lighting bug it will die that hour ! thistle was very tough cuz she ate 2 and was alive a whole 24 hours !!  

bearded-dragonprickles 3prickles


The good news that is keeping me alive ,along with knowing that God will never die and will never leave us is that …I am going to buy a baby bearded dragon on Wednesday I will put out a picture of her as soon as I  can . her name will be Prickles ! 

p.s. those pictures of the baby bearded dragons are not mine , but i will soon put a picture out of PRICKLES !!!

thistle my bearded dragon

For the past 2 years or so since my other lizard died I have always been longing for a pet of my own .Such as a lizard.

the tipe of lizard I have wanted is a bearded dragon . they, unlike most other lizards eat vegges and alive crickets .Witch is not as gross as it seems . Other lizards eat things such as ,crickets, grasshoppers,flies , and other gross things . but this type of lizard is cool  because its beard puffs up. Why?  because they are scared . and sometimes there beard will turn black bearded dragons are sooo cool !bearded dragonsleeping bearde draogon

Is a dogs saliva cleaner then us?

Have you ever wondered if a dogs mouth is cleaner then yours?  Me , my brother , my sisters , my mom and my dad   and ESPECIALLY my dog loving Nana  have debated this. Well, my big brother finally decided to put the question to and end  with scientific evidence.

Here is an interview with  my scientific brother::

What did you want to know with this experiment? we wanted to see if a dogs bacteria wood grow more then a humans.

Why was this an important experiment?because we were all disgusting it.

Where did you do it? at my school

What did you find out? that a dogs mouth is cleaner then ours.

Could a kid do this experiment at home/How?? well you have to have a petri dish, dog saliva and a humans saliva

and when  my brother came home he said.”A dogs mouth is cleaner then a humans.”  We were all shocked.