Why Teachers Need To Be Paid More

Alaynah Raymond 15

21 march 2017

Teachers work around the clock. You see them in the classroom and then they go home to grade papers. keep in contact with the parents, lesson planning, communicating with administration and attending conferences, ..

Teacher have a class that is a group of 20-25 children. The day goes like this, the teacher arrives, greets the students and the parents. The children loved to talk to their teacher about their weekend, and the teacher is interactive with their stories. The teacher then tries to quiet the class down so she can start teaching them. This is a very long process as the children can be rowdy and excited to be with their friends. Children love to act out their stories, and they talk loudly. Teachers are masters at quieting the class, so she pulls out the yoga mats she bought, and sits each child on one. Now, with them situated she begins a yoga class, that she is not paid for. This settles them down nicely.  She then puts them at their desk, and the lesson begins. At the end of the day, she encourages each child with a little treat perhaps, like a lollipop (she also purchased these.)

Teachers are public figures so they have to be a moral person, who is an example for children to look up too. This is a social burden for them, because each child and their parent’s expectations are different. Teachers are burdened, even at the grocery store, to cover up certain things they buy in case they should run into a teacher or student.

Also teachers have newer and harder subjects then 50 years ago. Yet their pay has actually gone down. Only adding to the difficulty, teachers are expected to help disagreements between children, and sometimes counsel parents and children. They teach patience, love, empathy, and helpfulness too.

Teachers are not given enough classroom money. With their teaching money they go to garage sales, used book stores, and other used places to find good educational books, to keep her children quiet. I have seen this happen, and have overheard them trying to get deals on those cheap books, because that money comes out of their own pocket. My own Aunt is a teacher, and said there was no money in the school budget to repaint the peeling walls of her classroom. So she went and bought $250 worth of paint and had my Papa go help her paint it. She had to buy the paint, move the furniture, and repaint it, with only the help of an old man. Because she has no free time during the week she did all of this ON A WEEKEND.

After all of this work that they do, the overworked elementary teacher only gets paid $36,000 a year. After groceries, house payments, clothes, and car money, you can see how this does not spread very far. Because of this The rate of male teachers has dropped almost 40%. How many male teachers do you know? How many male teachers do you know who have pursued a different career, for something else that can make more money? I know five, and all quit because the salary is not enough to provide for their family. So female teachers have taken the job.

Where is all the school money going? A large portion goes to recreation, such as basketball, field trips, soccer, baseball, and etc.… I want to expound on a couple of “expenses” that the government seems to find necessary.

Summer school: Summer School is paid for by the government for children who fail or are behind. Why don’t the parents have to pay for their child who didn’t pass their class? Why not have the kids who cannot afford summer school stay in that grade for another year?

Janitors: In japan children clean their building, and not a paid janitor, because it is an act of appreciation for all those who serve them. I think this is a great idea for us to imply to Americas school system. I like the quote from Mr. Trump:

“We’re 26th in the world. 25 countries are better than us at education. And some of them are like third world countries. But we’re becoming a third world country.”- President Donald Trump

I believe that parents should be responsible for raising the salary of all hardworking teachers. Teachers are taking the place of mothers, so pay them for raising your children, or teachers will become extremely hard to find, and our next generation will become unintelligent. Leading to the fall of America.